How to Get Support From Us

Want a quick and easy way to communicate a problem, get help on your website, ask a question about google ad grants & more?

We have created an effortless advanced support system where you can submit loom video recordings to us whenever you need to!

What’s a Loom Video?

Head on over to to find out.

It’s a software application in the cloud with a Chrome extension: Click Here that allows you to record your face, computer screen or anything else in-between with ease.

Video’s can easily be sent through a simple link generated and submitted to the form in the next module for us to view! How cool is that?

Loom has both a FREE tier and a $10/Month creator tier so there is no barrier of entry to get started depending on what you need.

Our support team is trained in Loom videos so if we need to explain something to you that is more detailed, we will be sending them to you as well!