Welcome to Impact Annex!

Welcome to the Impact Annex Family!

We are excited to help you begin your journey to creating what we call a “dual organization” by launching a digital non-profit arm of your company to get access to grants & bring in more leads to your business so you can serve more people.

Before we get started, we have to lay some ground rules.

1. You will only get out of this program what you put in. We can’t force you to do the work.

2. Think of this program as an ever growing asset inside your portfolio as a business owner. 

3. You should also think of the Google Ad Grant as an asset to your business and not an overnight success wand. Yes you get access to $10,000/Month in FREE advertising on google when you get the grant, BUT you still have to learn to use it and all the nuances that come with it. This takes time.

4. If you have any questions PLEASE reach out to us at support@impactannex.org which you will find mentioned routinely throughout our modules. We are active here and will provide help as needed but we aren’t mind readers.

5. Take time to understand the model. The most important part of what we do is the commitment to serving others by leading with education. This is what allows the magic to happen of what you get access to in this program.

Alright alright, enough of that.

Let’s begin…